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What SWIIM Does

The SWIIM® System is offered as a full, turn-key solution and we act as your on-farm water accountant. It includes a software suite, instrumentation and remote sensing package that enable agricultural water users to optimize water rights, monitor the crop water budget, conserve water and increase net income for agricultural operations. We call it SWIIM®, or Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management®. SWIIM's patented process, co-developed with the help of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, can plan and monitor crop water budgets with greater accuracy and provide producer-specific data that can then be aggregated for the water manager on a system-wide basis.

You spend time and resources to manage your financial accounts - accountants, CPAs and detailed reporting to know where every dollar is spent.  With SWIIM, you are able to harness the same power as we plan, management and account for your entire crop-water budget with comprehensive planning and reporting tools.

SWIIM® Certification is an independent, third-party near real-time confirmation of crop-water budgets - from application to actual consumption.  This allows for ease of state and district water use compliance and exceeds the data required in most regions.  SWIIM also has the power to identify, quantify and monitor a whole new “bucket” of water not previously considered by most for conservation of on-farm water allotments.

The SWIIM System is designed to help agricultural producers plan each participating field’s crops with a specific water budget in mind and is configured with regularly-updated, local crop production and water use data to provide for the highest level of accuracy. It then, on a system-wide and scalable basis, allows for planning of water budgets, monitors actual use to assure compliance and provides a system for tracking the allotment of on-farm conserved water while allowing for incentives to be provided for participating agricultural producers to save water on their respective farming operation. The SWIIM technology package was developed alongside the US Department of Agriculture, Colorado State University and Utah State University for over six years and PhD dissertations and Master’s theses have been written on the science behind the technology.

The system utilizes patented, easy-to-navigate software for planning, optimizing and managing agricultural water rights held by an appropriator of such rights (an irrigation district, ditch company, Native American community, local agricultural cooperative, etc.) SWIIM enables agricultural water owners, who have an allocation of a particular water right (or rights) to economically benefit from an optimal application of their water resources by modeling best practices to optimize water use, track such savings within all elements of the crop water budget on an aggregated (system-wide) basis.

Also included in SWIIM is a comprehensive administration/management tool to verify saved water and the resulting newly-projected crop production. This equipment is connected via telemetry to SWIIM Manager that can provide real-time water usage reports and “alarms” if a specific user is going outside the projected/approved water usage or as other alarm conditions are present. This provides for third-party, independent auditing of projected, versus actual crop water usage and shows exactly where the controllable “water overage” is occurring, if any. SWIIM also is designed to prevent participants from “gaming the system” by providing a clear reporting of delivered and consumed water from all approved sources (including precipitation) to each participating producer’s respective operation and the irrigation district or other administrative group.

These planning, monitoring and reporting functions are done nearly real-time, on a low cost-per-acre basis, in comparison to other toolsets available in the market that only deal with elements of what SWIIM handles, in total. A blend of science and technology, SWIIM gives owners the opportunity to increase income by leasing a portion of their consumptive use water rights to municipalities, private industry and conservation groups, without compromising the underlying water right.

SWIIM provides an alternative to the non-sustainable, agricultural dry-up option. It has been academically tested and vetted by industry leaders. Designed to be an efficient and profitable solution for fresh water stakeholders, SWIIM uses a groundbreaking blend of technological capabilities to transform water rights and legal water allocations into a valuable revenue stream.

Our Partnerships Make the Difference

SWIIM is based in strong science, has been designed and continually updated by top tier scientists and specialists in their respective technical fields. We originally funded a heavily instrumented research site in Northern Colorado with the goal of further developing crop optimization and monitoring technologies for incorporation into the SWIIM platform. Now the system has grown beyond its humble beginning on a small research farm.

Innovative research was conducted by scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Colorado State University and Utah State University focusing on farm optimization and water conservation.

SWIIM has developed a strategic relationship with California-based Western Growers with the goal of further expanding the technology’s footprint in the Western United States. One of the largest US-based agriculture trade associations, Western Growers represents growers, packers and shippers of fresh fruits, vegetables and tree nuts in California, Arizona and Colorado who produce half of the country’s fresh produce.

SWIIM's original concept was partly underpinned by grants from the Colorado Water Conservation Board - an arm of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. As SWIIM continues to deploy in other regions, we continue to work successfully alongside governmental stakeholders within the regions in which we are active.


Regenesis Management Group developed the foundation for the SWIIM System, through private sector partnerships, in addition to strategic and research arrangements with the public sector, including the US federal government and state agencies. The partners at Regenesis maintain decades of experience in development of innovative technologies such as SWIIM.