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SWIIM System provides these Blogs to help you get the most out of SWIIM. We have several contributors. All are industry experts in the fields of irrigation design/control, cropping techniques, and ditch flow technology. Let us know if there are specific topics or issues you would like us to address in future blog entries.



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Posts that deal with agriculture water policy

Commentary: What Did We Learn from the CA Drought?

PPIC Blog: Commentary: What Did We Learn from the CA Drought? @PPICWater @swiimsystem #farmwaterbudget

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How do you value a water right?

How do you value a water right? - http://crej.com/news/value-water-right/ @CREJ92 #farmwaterbudget

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SWIIM Presents at Groundwater Conference #farmwaterbudget

SWIIM's @swiimsystem CEO Kevin France @kevinmfrance presented today at AGT conference in Denver. How water conservation plans can result in a win/win for all stakeholders.

An excellent turn out.  SWIIM helps growers and water managers:

1)  Optimize water budget planning
2)  Implement best water management practices
3)  Demonstrate efficient water use
4)  Document baseline water use
4)  Verify (audit) water conservation results
5)  Ease pressure on regional water supplies and generate additional income

Water Transfers Could Play a Vital Role in Meeting Water Demands

University of Denver Water Law Review

Jennifer Najjar
September 5, 2016

"Managing California’s complex water storage and delivery system is a never-ending balancing act between supply, demand and environmental considerations, particularly during a severe drought. As water scarcity reaches unprecedented extremes in the West, SWIIM technology could help mitigate the impact in the region. It provides one method of managing drought and is a welcome new addition to the state’s water market."


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