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SWIIM System provides these Blogs to help you get the most out of SWIIM. We have several contributors. All are industry experts in the fields of irrigation design/control, cropping techniques, and ditch flow technology. Let us know if there are specific topics or issues you would like us to address in future blog entries.



SWIIM Stakes Claim To #farmwaterbudget

Our marketing gurus have started using hashtags on our Twitter and Blog feeds

We look to help folks find SWIIM-related tweets and related entries.  Follow SWIIM on Twitter @swiimsystem and feel free to add the hashtag to SWIIM-related posts!

SWIIM Sponsors Western Growers 2016 Annual Meeting

SWIIM is proud to be a 2016 sponsor of Western Growers Annual Meeting in Koloa, Hawaii. #farmwaterbudget


SWIIM was one of the suppliers featured at this year's event.  Its been a pleasure working with and getting to know the team members at Western Growers over the last several years.  A very committed and ethical group of ag-folks.  Here's to a successful 2017... next year, in Las Vegas.

SWIIM Leads at WG-CIT Webinar, PBS NewsHour Interviews The Team

SWIIM System hosted a one-hour informational Tech Talk webinar at Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology in Salinas, CA.  The audience was comprised of people at the Center and located remotely and resulted in the largest turn-out thus far for a Tech Talk presentation.  Our CEO, Kevin France and Executive VP David Puglia from Western Growers led the audience through an overview of the SWIIM platform.  Darren Fillmore, SWIIM's Cheif Water Engineer completed the presenation from SWIIM's offices in Southern California, providing details at to the status of current deployments throughout the region. PBS NewsHour, public television's national nightly news program interviewed SWIIM and the WG Center for Innovation during the live event. The goal was to explain and demonstrate how this innovative technology can help farmers increase net income by efficiently planning, managing and tracking their crop-water budget. Afterwards, a detailed question/answer segmen ...

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First In-Channel Weir with Sensors - PVID

The SWIIM team loves challenges - and this deployment was just that.  Monitoring lined channels and already-established flow locations is SWIIM's stock-in-trade.  But accurately measuring an earthen ditch comes with its own unique obstacles.  Our team made it happen.  Measuring water flow - one of the many inputs we use to monitoring the crop-water budget.


Water and data are both flowing... Many of the sites are lined:

We like those types of sites best, but we aren't complaining.  More to come on these deployments as they progress.

SWIIM Stakes a Claim in Salinas at Western Growers CIT

SWIIM has a formal presence in Salinas, California at Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology.  As we continue to move north in the Central Valley, our team is spending more time with our colleages at Western Growers.

Our CEO pictured here, Kevin France, sits at SWIIM's work area taking a few calls in between meetings.  In our commitment to support Ag Tech innovation, the SWIIM team takes time to meet with entrepreneurs looking to make a different in our sector.

If you haven't yet visited this amazing facility, please drop by the Center the next time you make your way through Salinas.  Our team members are spending more time here running meetings with growers and other stakeholders, as we continue to make our push, northward.

Water Transfers Could Play a Vital Role in Meeting Water Demands

University of Denver Water Law Review

Jennifer Najjar
September 5, 2016

"Managing California’s complex water storage and delivery system is a never-ending balancing act between supply, demand and environmental considerations, particularly during a severe drought. As water scarcity reaches unprecedented extremes in the West, SWIIM technology could help mitigate the impact in the region. It provides one method of managing drought and is a welcome new addition to the state’s water market."


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SWIIM Deploys in Palo Verde Valley

We are happy to annouce a recently-added region.  In between expansion activities in the Central Valley, we have made a detour over to Palo Verde to deploy SWIIM on a series of sites there.

Precious Colorado River water - looking to quantify the crop-water budget.

Helping farmers account for every drop.  New clients and a few returning folks from the Imperial Valley, looking to expand their data on fields in Palo Verde.

First Office in California

It seemed unneighborly not to have a formal presence in California, considering the amount of work we are doing here.  A fleet of SWIIM trucks and trailers is no place to kick your feet up late in the day.  Plus, the BBQ get-togethers are pretty nice - we're looking to host our own, real soon.

So we took up in a converted house in El Centro as our footprint continues to grow (car was not included).

We are on Olive Avenue with renovations in progress...   Call our office and set up an appointment to meet with our team (has to be early or late - we are in the field a good bit lately).  Next stop for an office will likely be in the Central Valley - location to be determined... stay tuned!

SWIIM Signs Popping Up

These signs keep popping up all over. 

Our team is busy in the shop configuring equipment.

We have SWIIM interest in three new regions of California and one new region in both Colorado and Arizona.  Our growth has exploded in California alone, which has led to the beginning of our next expansion plan.  More to come on this in future updates.

SWIIM Team Stays Busy Throughout Summer

The dog-days of summer are upon us The SWIIM Team is working overtime as our deployment schedule continues to heat up.  We have new clients in Imperial Valley and are officially deploying in the Central Valley.  The SWIIM Team has been busy expanding our reach in California and continuing to build momentum for new deployments in both Colorado and Arizona. 

Necessity is the mother of invention, and we have developed serveral methods to acquire reliable data around the crop-water budget, including a myriad of headgate, channel and piple turn-out methods.  Another form of flow sensing - with our mud-layered SWIIM truck in the background:


We have expanded our reach in the Central Valley with new sites for later this year and are in the process of deployment preparations around a brand-new region in California.  More to come...