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SWIIM System provides these Blogs to help you get the most out of SWIIM. We have several contributors. All are industry experts in the fields of irrigation design/control, cropping techniques, and ditch flow technology. Let us know if there are specific topics or issues you would like us to address in future blog entries.



SwiimCoach Account's Articles

SWIIM signs continue to pop up in California and Colorado

Nothing like a sunset over a new @swiimsystem client's monitored field - its good to know where your food comes from.  We'll take a day in the field over one in the office any day.  #farmwaterbudget 

SWIIM Upgrades An Open-Channel Sensor Array

@swiimsystem is constantly innovating - for open-channel and pipe measurement, furrow, sprinkler and drip irrigators alike #farmwaterbudget

SWIIM Entertains Visitors From All Over The World

@swiimsystsm team hosts international guests from Brazil - revolutionary in the US and abroad #farmwaterbudget

New Weir Method Under Consideration

@swiimsystem uses several methods to acquire accurate flow measurement #farmwaterbudget

Inside Look at SWIIM Master Control

@swiimsystem sneak peak at the master control center.  Monitoring the #farmwaterbudget matters.

Continued Deployments in Imperial

@swiimsystem continues to expand in the Imperial Valley with new clients and expansion of current projects. #farmwaterbudget

New Colorado Deployments (our backyard)

@swiimsystem returning to our "roots" in Colorado #farmwater budget

Deployments Head To South San Joaquin Valley

@swiimsystem team heads to a new region - Fresno, Bakersfield - watch out! #farmwaterbudget

Commentary: What Did We Learn from the CA Drought?

PPIC Blog: Commentary: What Did We Learn from the CA Drought? @PPICWater @swiimsystem #farmwaterbudget

Oldie but Goodie - Wooden Headgate

@swiimsystem has worked on many old structures but nothing like this #farmwaterbudget

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