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The SWIIM System is a full turn-key solution - a crop planning, optimization, water management, monitoring and reporting toolset.  On the software-side of things, it has two main components: the Planner and Manager. These components work together, communicating with the SWIIM Server, as a complete software package or as separate modules in order to meet the various objectives of growers and water managers.

SWIIM Planner

SWIIM Planner provides an easy-to-use interface and is designed for farmers, ranchers and other water right owners to optimize their farm income and water use.  Model your operation using self-selected changed practices or use your current water allocation as a baseline. Growers and water right owners enter their farm information graphically, including size, crop composition, and other specifics.  The software then suggests the best cropping inventory and irrigation techniques to use on each field, around the limitations specifically imposed by the user.  Water budgeting and delivery information is then forwarded to the district or other management/delivery entity.

SWIIM Planner is customized for each region in which it is deployedContact us to see if SWIIM has been deployed commercially in your region to receive a full copy with up-to-date, region-specific data linked to your water manager.  Otherwise, to get a taste of the system, feel free to download a FREE DEMO copy of the software by clicking on the link below.  The trial copy available here is for demonstration purposes only and has limited sample data from a region of California to show how the program functions.


SWIIM Manager

The SWIIM Manager is designed for water managers (i.e., ditch companies, irrigation districts, farming co-ops). It allows for the aggregation and management of multiple farms that are utilizing the SWIIM Planner. It integrates with field instrumentation, databases and remote sensing technologies to monitor and verify water savings and actual usage.  It generates water use reports suitable for farmers, ditch management and state regulatory agencies to aid in monitoring and managing modified water use practices including “alarms” if a specific user is going outside the projected/approved water usage or as other alarm conditions are present.  This provides for third-party, independent auditing of projected, versus actual crop water usage and shows exactly where water use can be optimized.

The package is designed to allow for monitoring and reporting of actual water use. Contact us today to learn how the SWIIM Manager can work for your operation and find out how to receive a custom-configured copy for your water district, farming cooperative or other management entity.


SWIIM Consulting, Monitoring and Reporting

Once you've started using the SWIIM software suite, you may want to go beyond simply planning and modeling a more efficient farming operation. You and your fellow neighbors may actually wish to monitor your crop water budget more accurately than has ever been possible before, or put your conserved water into use and generate a new source of revenue in addition to what you generate from your farm. SWIIM's monitoring and reporting package handles these two goals, seamlessly.

Our staff will consult with your water manager (normally a ditch company, irrigation district or farmer co-op) to instrument your farms, and provide real-time monitoring and verification of your saved water usage, as estimated by the SWIIM system. Once your water reduction is verified, it may provide a credit or potentially be transferred to alternative uses, creating a new revenue stream for you and your neighbors - all while keeping your farming operations in solid operation.

We offer SWIIM® Certification services, whereby we provide updated tracking of your crop-water budget, scalable from field- to system-wide. Our services range from simple to complex - based upon your specific needs and the regional water district in which you are a member. Contact us today to learn more about how the SWIIM System can provide for better utilization of your farm water budget and additional revenue from utilizing your water in more effective applications.

  • Planner Screen #1

    Planner Screen #1

    The software has an easy to use graphical interface.

  • Planner Screen #2

    Planner Screen #2

    The software uses intuitive, simple inputs.

  • Planner Screen #3

    Planner Screen #3

    Provides water use estimates against baseline to show conservation.

  • Planner Screen #4

    Planner Screen #4

    SWIIM Optimizer shows Projected vs. Historical water allotment.

  • Manager Screen #1

    Manager Screen #1

    Shows multiple SWIIM Planner sites and each site's respective crop-water