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SWIIM gives farmers the opportunity to look at what their economic options are. It suggests to them what crops that they can grow, what kind of yields they can expect, what kind of water they should use. SWIIM is a packaged tool that allows farmers to look at how to sell or lease their water, and yet keep enough back to continue farming.

Farming and ranching systems are complex and they require sophisticated analytical tools to make correct and optimal decisions. Fortunately, with the availability of easy to access data, with inexpensive computing power, and with clever software like SWIIM Planner, farmers and ranchers can best decide how to use their portfolios of water assets.

It’s been an educational tool that allows us to better plan and better understand results. Being able to budget water to sell can also help create a buffer when commodity prices swing.

SWIIM has taken [USDA] research and created a toolset designed for ease-of-use by the stakeholders that are in need of this type of information, which is important when it comes time to advise growers how to manage their water as a commodity with the potential for conserving a portion of their water for transfer to other uses outside of their farming operation. 

The SWIIM Planner provides irrigators an accurate, economic and immediate way to conserve water and potentially increase their crop and water rights income. Tested by municipalities and government agencies, SWIIM is an academic-endorsed technology that improves the economic viability of irrigated farms.

Simply put: It works.