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SWIIM is used on permanent and annual crops and is compatible with surface delivered water, groundwater (pipe) or a combination of both sources on one, or multiple fields. It works with furrow, sprinkler, drip or a combination of irrigation methods within an operation. The system works alone or integrates with common irrigation scheduling systems.

Our easy to read, full color brochure is available detailing SWIIM’s full suite of offerings.



SWIIM System is offered as a full service, turn-key solution that produces a very accurate on-farm water budget. It provides cost-effective, field- or crop-level, actionable data including flow, consumption and subsurface water loss. It includes a comprehensive software suite that enables agricultural water users to plan, manage, report and ultimately optimize crop water use through the use of sensors, data loggers, telemetry and remote sensing via satellite.

A crop-water budget is produced with the data collected over 60 times an hour, aggregated, quality-checked and delivered to the client in an online report through multiple platforms, including a comprehensive written report. Our patented process co-developed with the help of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, monitors crop-water on- and off-flows, consumptive use, subsurface deliveries, precipitation and weather data to produce a comprehensive, defendable water budget that can then be balanced like you would your bank account. It also facilitates real-time decision-making and allows users to be aware of water overuse as it happens through real-time monitoring and pre-set alarm conditions.

This comprehensive, multi-dimensional information can be used for conservation or alternative water use, such as leasing to other agricultural uses, cities and industry in need. It also satisfies auditing and reporting requirements and related regulations. Growers located in water districts that pay incentives for water conservation will also benefit from the increased accuracy SWIIM delivers and may increase their income using the data given to them.


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