Our Partnerships Make the Difference

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SWIIM is based in strong science, has been designed and continually updated by top tier scientists and specialists in their respective technical fields. Our team originally funded a heavily instrumented research site in Northern Colorado to further develop crop optimization and monitoring technologies which have been incorporated into the SWIIM platform. Now the system has grown beyond its humble beginning to the most robust crop-water budgeting platform currently available.

SWIIM has developed a strategic relationship with California-based Western Growers with the goal of further expanding the technology’s footprint in the Western United States. One of the largest US-based agriculture trade associations, Western Growers represents growers, packers and shippers of fresh fruits, vegetables and tree nuts in California, Arizona Colorado and New Mexico who produce half of the country’s fresh produce.

Innovative research was conducted by scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture focusing on farm optimization and water conservation. The technology was developed through both in-field research and software development that has led to the co-patented algorithm SWIIM uses to optimize irrigation water use.  It helps growers to optimize consumptive use through a series of irrigation and cropping strategies.

SWIIM works with and supports the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR). UC ANR offers programs and activities throughout the state that connect Californians to the University of California. UC ANR envisions a thriving California in 2025 where healthy people and communities, healthy food systems, and healthy environments are strengthened by a close partnership between the University of California and its research and extension programs and the people of the state. UC ANR are problem-solvers, catalysts, collaborators, educators and stewards of the land, living in the communities they serve.

SWIIM is an active member of the Water Association of Kern County, a non-profit business association made up of  organizations and individuals interested in the economic, recreational, and conservation benefits of sound water management and development. The mission of the Water Association of Kern County is to inform and educate the public and water community about water issues in Kern County.

SWIIM is an active member of the Imperial County Farm Bureau, a non-government, non-profit membership organization. Our purpose is to protect and promote agricultural interests in Imperial County as well as the state and nation through public relations, education, and advocacy in order to support the economic advancement of agriculture balance with appropriate management of natural resources.

Innovative research was conducted by scientists from Colorado State University focusing on farm optimization and water conservation. The research provided interdisciplinary studies in the areas of agriculture crop optimization, irrigation practices, and managed return flow to better manage water resources for the agriculture community while saving proportional consumptive use for other applications. The interdisciplinary team at Colorado State University involved the Warner College of Natural Resources, the College of Engineering, and the College of Agriculture.

Innovative research was conducted by scientists from Utah State University focusing on remote sensing technologies. We utilize a combination of satellite, aerial and on-the-ground remote-sensed technologies to help estimates elements of the water balance.

SWIIM’s original concept was partly underpinned by grants from the Colorado Water Conservation Board – an arm of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. As SWIIM continues to deploy in other regions, we continue to work successfully alongside governmental stakeholders within the regions in which we are active.

Regenesis Management Group is the technology incubator that developed the foundation for the SWIIM System, through private sector partnerships, in addition to strategic and research arrangements with the public sector, including the US federal government and state agencies. The partners at Regenesis maintain decades of experience in development of innovative technologies such as SWIIM.