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Forbes ranked SWIIM globally as one of the top 25 most innovative ag-tech companies of 2017. To find the 25 ag-tech companies that carry the most potential, Forbes says they surveyed the agricultural technology landscape by speaking with experts, venture capitalists and accelerators; then, they examined financials and each company’s agricultural credentials.

The [SWIIM®] project was a success… Such a program is a higher value, less risky alternative to using the water rights solely for irrigation, and will foster a reduction in the desire of municipal [water] users to ‘buy up and dry up’ irrigated farmland
Large Family Grower, Northeastern Colorado

Historically, we have tried to pull in multiple sources of information, manually.  Things like flow, weather station ET and other similar data.  We found ourselves missing information and not being able to get connected, comprehensive and actionable data, smoothly. SWIIM brings sources together that we don’t have easy access to, and weaves it into something that does not provide information overload.

Large-Scale Grower, Central Valley, CA
It’s been an educational tool that allows us to better plan and better understand results. Being able to budget water to sell can also help create a buffer when commodity prices swing.
Mark Goldstein, Agricultural Properties Manager

SWIIM provides better data because it actually tells me what we are doing throughout the season, and provides a re-cap at the end with an audited, quality-checked report.  The benefit SWIIM brings of having all of our sources in one easy to ready dashboard is like nothing that is currently available.

Arvin/Edison, Farm Manager Central Valley, CA

We use a combination of SWIIM consulting and monitoring plus reporting on a portion of our more challenging fields.  Surface flow water deliveries have their own unique challenges but with SWIIM, they help us maximize on on-farm conservation payments in ways we cannot do on our own.  Our payments have increased significantly, compared to what we have achieved on our own.  The team at SWIIM does what they say they will do

Corporate Farming Company, Imperial, CA
Farming and ranching systems are complex and they require sophisticated analytical tools to make correct and optimal decisions. Fortunately, with the availability of easy to access data, with inexpensive computing power, and with clever software like SWIIM® Planner, farmers and ranchers can best decide how to use their portfolios of water assets.
John McKenzie, Director of DARCA (Ditch & Reservoir Company Alliance)
SWIIM® has taken [USDA] research and created a toolset designed for ease-of-use by the stakeholders that are in need of this type of information, which is important when it comes time to advise growers how to manage their water as a commodity with the potential for conserving a portion of their water for transfer to other uses outside of their farming operation.
Dr. Thomas Trout, Research Lead for the USDA (retired)
SWIIM® gives farmers the opportunity to look at what their economic options are. It suggests to them what crops that they can grow, what kind of yields they can expect, what kind of water they should use. SWIIM® is a packaged tool that allows farmers to look at how to sell or lease their water, and yet keep enough back to continue farming.
Dr. Gale Dunn, Soil Scientist and Project Lead for the USDA Agricultural Research Service
The SWIIM® Planner provides irrigators an accurate, economic and immediate way to conserve water and potentially increase their crop and water rights income. Tested by municipalities and government agencies, SWIIM® is an academic-endorsed technology that improves the economic viability of irrigated farms. Simply put: It works.
Tom Cech