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Nov 27, 2018

Update on implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

2018-11-27T10:07:02+00:00Nov 27, 2018|

DWR updates the Commissioners on the evaluation of alternative plans, basin boundary modifications, and basin prioritization At the November meeting of the California Water Commission, staff from the Sustainable Groundwater Management Program at the Department of Water Resources updated the Commissioners on the various activities of the Department to implement Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). Taryn Ravazzini, the Deputy Director [...]

Nov 19, 2018

Colorado shows support for regional water effort to keep up levels at Lake Powell

2018-11-19T08:51:37+00:00Nov 19, 2018|

GOLDEN — The state of Colorado is now officially on board with a regional water strategy designed to keep enough water in Lake Powell behind Glen Canyon Dam to avoid violating the Colorado River Compact and keep generating hydropower at the dam. At a meeting Thursday in Golden, the directors of the Colorado Water Conservation [...]

Nov 14, 2018

Great Start to the 2019 Water Year

2018-11-14T10:23:46+00:00Nov 14, 2018|

A series of storms in the Colorado high county over the last few weeks dumped several feet of snow in the Upper Colorado River Basin.  It's still early in the water year and it will take consistent snowstorms to make any sort of dent in the drought that is ravaging the Southwest.  But right now, [...]

Nov 08, 2018

Growing Innovation Continues in Las Vegas

2018-11-08T15:32:39+00:00Nov 08, 2018|

SWIIM's Harry Ferdon and Kirk Lyster are in Las Vegas at the Growing Innovations Expo! Harry Ferdon presents our water accounting solutions during Gro Talks There's still time to stop by our booth and learn about SWIIM!

Nov 07, 2018

SWIIM System at Growing Innovations Expo

2018-11-07T10:16:20+00:00Nov 07, 2018|

SWIIM System is in Las Vegas at Growing Innovations Expo on November 7 & 8th!  Visit us at booth 5037 and find out about SWIIM's water accounting program, dubbed the Quickbooks for agricultural water!  SWIIM is helping growers understand their ag water budgets with a comprehensive suite of tools that are like no other. Make [...]

Oct 31, 2018

Steve Patricio Honored for His Significant Contributions to Ag

2018-10-31T13:14:15+00:00Oct 31, 2018|

Western Growers honored Stephen (Steve) Patricio with the 2018 Award of Honor last night. Patricio, whose visionary leadership has advanced the agricultural industry by leaps and bounds, was honored with Western Growers’ Award of Honor. In addition to the Award of Honor, Patricio was also presented a resolution from the California Legislature – a Joint [...]

Oct 30, 2018

Western Growers Announces Ron Ratto as New Chairman of the Board

2018-10-30T14:59:11+00:00Oct 30, 2018|

SWIIM System would like to thank Craig Reade, the outgoing Western Growers Chairman, for his service in 2018.  Craig, a partner at Bonipak Produce, is a native of Santa Maria, California, also the home town of SWIIM's Kevin France. SWIIM Systems welcomes incoming Chairman Ron Ratto, president of Ratto Bros., Inc. Ratto heads Ratto Bros. with [...]

Oct 23, 2018

Colorado River Crisis Demands Focus on Farm Conservation Programs

2018-10-22T15:45:46+00:00Oct 23, 2018|

Small programs can go a long way to save water and help farmers survive the coming shortages on the Colorado River. These should be the next focus for policymakers now wrestling with drought contingency plans. Tom Kay inspects the center-pivot sprinkler irrigation system on his farm near Hotchkiss, Colorado. The system, purchased in a federal [...]

Oct 19, 2018

Almond Farms Keep Growing, and Keep Moving on Water Conservation

2018-10-19T13:50:28+00:00Oct 19, 2018|

California grows 80 percent of the world’s almonds, generating $11 billion annually for the state’s economy. Richard Waycott of the Almond Board of California explains what the industry is doing to use less water and stretch every drop. California grows 80 percent of the world’s almonds, generating $11 billion annually for the state’s economy. Richard [...]

Oct 17, 2018

The connection between groundwater and surface water

2018-10-16T09:23:46+00:00Oct 17, 2018|

When the California Legislature created the “modern” water rights regulatory system more than a century ago, it focused exclusively on surface water, exempting groundwater from the permitting system. Yet in most watersheds, surface water and groundwater are closely linked. Actions that change one often have an impact on the other. The arbitrary legal divide has [...]