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Apr 09, 2018

WG Interviews SWIIM CEO on “Voices of the Valley” Radio Show

2018-04-08T22:28:13+00:00 Apr 09, 2018|

Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology's lead and former Salinas, CA Mayor Dennis Donohue interviewed SWIIM's CEO Kevin France on its new radio show entitled "Voices of the Valley," on 1490 AM/104.9 FM KRKC. Kevin speaks about SWIIM's solution dubbed, "the QuickBooks for agricultural water management." The program aired on 4/9/18.  You can listen [...]

Feb 12, 2018

Visit SWIIM at the 2018 World Ag Expo in Tulare CA

2018-02-12T10:07:21+00:00 Feb 12, 2018|

It's finally here!  This week is the 2018 World Ag Expo on February 13-15 in beautiful Tulare, CA - the heart of the Central Valley.   Visit our booth – Pavilion B, Booth #2200 and enter for a chance to win a Nook and a Book. If you can’t join us in person, click on the link below [...]

Feb 09, 2018

SWIIM’s Chief Water Engineer Speaks At Innovation in Imperial

2018-02-09T08:05:31+00:00 Feb 09, 2018|

  SWIIM's Chief Water Engineer/Project Manager, and expert in on-farm water conservation, Darren Fillmore spoke on the water innovation panel at Innovation in Imperial, sponsored by Western Growers.  "Enormous amounts of information can be gathered on a farm operation - the key is to digest the information into something that is usable.  We talk to [...]

Feb 09, 2018

SWIIM Team Speaks With Future Ag Leaders In Imperial

2018-02-09T09:44:40+00:00 Feb 09, 2018|

We are proud to work with the local communities in which we serve.  Here, SWIIM team member and Regional Sales Manager Harry Ferdon speaks to a room comprised of ag professionals, industry leaders and high school students in the Imperial and Brawley areas of Southern California about innovation in agriculture, at Innovation in Imperial, sponsored [...]

Feb 06, 2018

Continued Calibration is Key to SWIIM

2018-01-31T12:15:11+00:00 Feb 06, 2018|

  We've all heard the saying, "Bad data in, bad data out."  The opposite also holds true - verified data inputs assures a reliable, quality output.  Our daily time-step method for crop water budget accounting is based upon the idea that quality data should be processed at least daily when it comes to water applied [...]

Jan 31, 2018

SWIIM CEO Presents at 56th Annual CA Irrigation Institute

2018-02-06T14:16:51+00:00 Jan 31, 2018|

SWIIM's CEO Kevin France presented at the 2018 California Irrigation Institute annual conference in Sacramento, discussing the state of water availability throughout the state, and the solution we look to provide. He was a part of a panel comprised of ag-tech companies that are looking to provide solutions to water scarcity and the inevitability of [...]

Jan 31, 2018

Hank Giclas Presents at 2018 CA Irrigation Institute

2018-01-30T20:46:26+00:00 Jan 31, 2018|

Hank serves as Senior Vice President Strategic Planning, Science and Technology for Western Growers and is actively developing association leadership in the areas of agricultural technology innovation, sustainability, water, food security, crop production and protection. He spoke at the 56th Annual California Irrigation Institute, participating on a panel discussing ag-tech incubators, including the one he leads [...]

Jan 09, 2018

Visit SWIIM in February at the World Ag Expo in Tulare CA

2018-01-08T14:11:57+00:00 Jan 09, 2018|

Visit SWIIM at our booth at Pavilion B, Booth #2200 at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA on February 13-15 to enter for a chance to win the latest Nook and a Book give-away, complete with a copy of the AWWA book, The Future of Water. If you can't join us at the event, [...]

Jan 04, 2018

SWIIM Case Study: Northern Colorado

2017-12-15T15:51:25+00:00 Jan 04, 2018|

  Interested as to how SWIIM has helped growers conserved water and quantified saved water usage? Download and read our case studies.  You can see how SWIIM helped a grower generate a new income stream alongside continued farming with the remaining water allocation for the year, without injuring his water right. Visit our Case Studies [...]

Dec 27, 2017

SWIIM Case Study: Imperial Valley of California

2017-12-28T17:49:36+00:00 Dec 27, 2017|

  Curious as to how SWIIM is helping growers better participate in their district’s on-farm conservation incentive program? Download and read our case studies.  You can see how SWIIM is able to help certify conservation on their acres under management & act as their trusted advocate when it came time to be paid for saved [...]