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Oct 01, 2018

SWIIM Expands Office In Fresno

2018-10-01T10:55:16+00:00Oct 01, 2018|

SWIIM has expanded its offices in the Central Valley, as it integrates its current Fresno team with OnFarm staffers.  They are now all working out of a larger office in Fresno, which is located in the Holiday Business Center, right down the street from our prior location.  Our new address in Fresno is 2023 North Gateway [...]

Sep 25, 2018

What Motivates People to Use Less Water?

2018-09-25T08:47:13+00:00Sep 25, 2018|

During a drought, households can be inundated by messages to conserve water. PPIC talked to Katrina Jessoe—an economist at UC Davis and a member of the PPIC Water Policy Center’s research network―about new research on what motivates people to conserve water. PPIC: Talk about your recent research on water conservation messaging. What did you learn? Katrina Jessoe: We partnered [...]

Aug 30, 2018

Congratulations to IA CIAS Graduate

2018-08-29T20:29:58+00:00Aug 30, 2018|

Congratulations to SWIIM's Victor Montaño for completing Irrigation Association's Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist program.  His years of experience does not prevent him from keeping current with the industry.  In his words, "I am perpetually learning and gaining knowledge." Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialists manage and operate on-farm irrigation systems.  They: Understand surface irrigation methods and pressurized [...]

Aug 09, 2018

SWIIM System Announces the Closing of its Initial Series B-1 Round; Strategic Partnership with Western Growers Also Extended

2018-08-08T21:46:06+00:00Aug 09, 2018|

August 9, 2018 -- Denver, CO (BUSINESSWIRE)– Ag Tech and farm water management leader SWIIM System is proud to announce today that it has closed the first of two tranches of its Series B-1 extension offering to fund continued expansion of its water management platform.  Proceeds will also be used to fund the recent acquisition [...]

Jul 25, 2018

Colorado River Day

2018-07-24T16:37:31+00:00Jul 25, 2018|

Ariel view of the Colorado River Today is Colorado River Day!  97 years ago, U.S. legislation was passed to rename the river from "Grande" to "Colorado".  Over 36 million people and 4 million acres of agriculture depend on the river, a powerhouse that has reshaped the land and drives the economy of the [...]

Jul 23, 2018

SWIIM Closes on Acquisition of OnFarm Systems

2018-07-23T14:35:22+00:00Jul 23, 2018|

SWIIM System is proud to announce that it has closed on the acquisition of Fresno-based OnFarm Systems Inc., a leading Internet of Things data integrator and provider of software and analytics tools that help farmers simplify their data while improving their efficiency, profitability and sustainability.  The transaction was first announced late in June, on the [...]

Jun 11, 2018

SWIIM Board Meets For Mid-Year Meeting

2018-06-11T10:45:46+00:00Jun 11, 2018|

SWIIM's Board of Directors and Officers met in Southern California for its mid-year, in-person board meeting last week.  This included a visit from the company's Australian backers based out of Melbourne.  A beautiful and productive day in Laguna Beach as the team wrapped up plans for a series of major announcements that will be forthcoming [...]

May 23, 2018

SWIIM CEO Comments on WG Annual Meeting

2018-05-23T10:58:55+00:00May 23, 2018|

"It gets better every year," says SWIIM CEO Kevin France.  "The stakeholders that are here are experts in their industry.  They are thinking about the largest challenges facing agriculture and how they need to be dealt with on a much broader scale."  Western Growers' nearly 100 year history of advocating for growers throughout the western [...]

Apr 23, 2018

Replenishing Groundwater in the San Joaquin Valley

2018-04-18T12:25:23+00:00Apr 23, 2018|

Summary The San Joaquin Valley—which has the biggest imbalance between groundwater pumping and replenishment in the state—is ground zero for implementing the 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). Expanding groundwater recharge could help local water users bring their basins into balance and make a dent in the long-term deficit of nearly 2 million acre-feet per [...]

Apr 13, 2018

Understanding What the ‘New Normal’ Means for Water in the West

2018-04-12T08:46:50+00:00Apr 13, 2018|

APRIL IS OFTEN a time of abundance in the mountains of the American West, when snowpack is at or near its peak, and forecasters work to determine how much runoff will course through our rivers and fill reservoirs later in the season. This year, across much of the West, particularly the Southwest, there’s little in the [...]