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Mar 23, 2018

More water shortages on tap in Desert Southwest?

2018-03-16T14:49:03+00:00 Mar 23, 2018|

Sprinklers are increasingly being used to irrigate vegetables in the Yuma area, which has some of the highest priority rights to Colorado River water. The Southwest could experience another water shortage from the Colorado River as drought conditions continue. That message from Dr. Paul Brown, biometeorology specialist with the University Arizona Department of [...]

Mar 21, 2018

CALIFORNIA WATER LAW SYMPOSIUM: Utilization of Water Transfers to Recharge Groundwater Basins

2018-03-16T13:51:21+00:00 Mar 21, 2018|

Water transfers can be an effective water management tool for providing much-needed flexibility in the allocation and use of water in California.  Water transfers occur for a variety of purposes, including agricultural, municipal and industrial uses; water may also be transferred for environmental purposes such as in-stream flow augmentation and wildlife refuges.  Transfers are particularly useful for [...]

Mar 19, 2018

Big Improvement in Predicting Drought-Busting Atmospheric Rivers

2018-03-16T12:25:28+00:00 Mar 19, 2018|

Atmospheric river storms bring a fire hose of tropical moisture to Western states, often delivering a majority of winter’s total precipitation in just a few days. Scientist Bryan Mundhenk talks about a new way to predict these storms up to a month in advance. ATMOSPHERIC RIVERS ARE vital to western water supplies, yet until very recently they [...]

Mar 14, 2018

Strengthening Company Culture One Mindset at a Time

2018-03-14T10:07:38+00:00 Mar 14, 2018|

 The clock strikes midnight and disagreements continue to hold strong.  The realization that they just missed a crucial deadline is slowly starting to sink in among the management team at agtech startup SWIIM System.  Gradually, dissent about how the project should have been carried out dissipates, but one glaring fact remains:  the companies culture has [...]

Mar 14, 2018

Alternative Water Supplies

2018-03-12T08:22:18+00:00 Mar 14, 2018|

Alternative supplies are a small but important part of the state’s water portfolio. Alternative water sources―recycled wastewater, urban stormwater, and desalinated seawater and brackish water―now provide 2‒3% of the state’s urban and farm water supply, and they are growing rapidly. Recycled water use has more than doubled since the late 1980s to 700,000 acre-feet annually. [...]

Mar 12, 2018

Kern County Water Summit tackles groundwater use, regulation

2018-03-12T08:23:42+00:00 Mar 12, 2018|

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - California is the last state in the western U.S. to regulate groundwater use. That topic was on the agenda at Wednesday's Kern County Water Summit. Under a state law passed in 2014, all water districts in California must have a plan in place by the year 2020 that shows how they will [...]

Mar 09, 2018

Farmer input critical in creating water plans

2018-03-09T12:02:42+00:00 Mar 09, 2018|

A pair of scientists assert California officials and researchers should get more input from farmers as they develop sustainability plans for troubled groundwater basins.   Tim Hearden/For the Capital Press Shasta County workers fix a well east of Redding, Calif., from which water is pumped into a storage tank. A pair of researchers is urging [...]

Mar 07, 2018

Facing specter of drought, California farmers are told to expect little water

2018-02-22T15:52:57+00:00 Mar 07, 2018|

It's starting to look like a drought year for California farmers who depend on water from the federal government. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced Tuesday that most farmers south of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta who get water from the federal Central Valley Project will receive just 20 percent of their requested allocation this year. [...]

Mar 07, 2018

SWIIM at the 2018 Kern County Water Summit

2018-03-07T08:50:51+00:00 Mar 07, 2018|

Stop by  and visit our booth at the 2018 Kern County Water Summit.  The Summit is a day full of presentations on water in California: the California WaterFix, ground water rights and regulations, water taxes, and top-notch keynote speakers, including Western Growers Dave Puglia. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the critical water issues [...]

Mar 05, 2018

California’s Dry Winter Leads Reclamation to Conservative Initial Water Allocation

2018-02-22T15:45:46+00:00 Mar 05, 2018|

The Bureau of Reclamation this week announced the initial 2018 water supply allocation for many Central Valley Project contractors. This allocation is based on a conservative estimate of the amount of water that will be available for delivery to CVP water users and reflects current reservoir storages, precipitation and snowpack in the Central Valley and [...]