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Feb 20, 2019

Southwest faces long road back to normal; Front Range dry but better off

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WHITEWATER, CO - FEBRUARY 13: Rancher Howard VanWinkle drives his tractor through a field to feed young cows on Wednesday, February 13, 2019. The VanWinkles faced drought in 2018, which caused them to sell off some 75 head of cattle. The field in Whitewater, which they lease from a gravel company, was the first [...]

Feb 13, 2019

New Scale to Characterize Strength and Impacts of Atmospheric River Storms

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Atmospheric river hits California. Photo: Jesse Allen, NASA Earth Observatory/ VIIRS satellite. A team of researchers led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego has created a scale to characterize the strength and impacts of “atmospheric rivers,” long narrow bands of atmospheric water vapor pushed along by strong [...]

Feb 12, 2019

Anticipating a critical water shortage next year, feds on the brink of overriding states to cap Colorado River water use

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Lake Mead, near the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas, in an undated photo. The white ring represents water lost from the reservoir over the years as the worst drought in the Colorado River Basin's recorded history continues. Amid the worst drought in the recorded history of the Colorado River Basin, the federal government [...]

Feb 07, 2019

Colorado Drought Deal Close, But Not Done

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Last week Arizona and California missed a deadline to submit final plans for how they will manage water shortages in the Colorado River Basin over the coming decades to prevent Lake Mead levels from dropping so low that water cannot be released from the dam. The other five states that share the river’s waters have [...]

Feb 05, 2019

SWIIM at Southern Rocky Mountain Agriculture Conference

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 SWIIM is in Monte Vista Colorado at the 2019 Southern Rocky Mountain Agriculture Conference and Trade Show.  Our Colorado Regional Sales Manager, Brice Jones, is talking with growers and stakeholders from all over the San Luis Valley about our water accounting solutions.  The conference is February 5-7th at Ski Hi Park in Monte Vista. The [...]

Feb 05, 2019

California’s water paradox

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Researchers examine why enough will never be enough. SACRAMENTO (THE CONVERSATION) — This article is part of The Conversation’s series on drought. You can read the rest of the series here. These days, it seems everyone is looking for a silver bullet solution to California’s drought. Some advocate increasing supply through more storage, desalination or water reuse. [...]

Jan 29, 2019

Gov. Doug Ducey: Why I put $30 million toward Arizona’s Drought Contingency Plan

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Opinion: Implementing DCP in Arizona has been a long, hard-fought struggle. But we're close to finalizing a plan. Very close. (Photo: David Wallace/The Republic) After a great deal of hard work in recent weeks, water leaders from across Arizona have made significant progress in the effort to protect Arizona’s Colorado River water supplies. [...]

Jan 24, 2019

January storms added 580 billion gallons of water to California reservoirs

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Storms that soaked California during the first half of January did more than bring tons of snow to Sierra Nevada ski resorts. They also significantly boosted the state’s water supplies. Over the three weeks from Jan. 1 until this Tuesday, 47 key reservoirs that state water officials closely monitor added 580 billion gallons of water, according [...]

Jan 22, 2019

The shape of water: When ag water management pays off

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Years of drought have parched California’s vast agricultural lands, prompting farmers to drill deeper and deeper into aquifers to irrigate their fields. But this often means higher water costs for everyone – and inefficient use of a precious resource. When a farmer draws water from a well, it depletes the aquifer for all the other [...]

Jan 16, 2019

California Depends on Rivers—in the Air

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PPIC talks to Mike Dettinger—a research hydrologist with the US Geological Survey and a PPIC Water Policy Center research partner—about the weather phenomenon known as “atmospheric rivers.” PPIC: What are atmospheric rivers? Mike Dettinger: They are long pathways that transport water across the atmosphere. Typically they’re at least 1,200 miles long; the biggest can be five times that. They tend [...]